Spain is a dream destination for a holiday of relaxation and discovery. With a very diverse cultural and natural heritage
Culture is ubiquitous in all Spanish cities, even the most modernized ones. The capital Madrid houses a large number of museums and palaces like the Royal Palace. These esplanades come alive more in the evening for the enjoyment of the fans of the nightlife.

Barcelona is also an unmissable stop on a trip to Spain. The Mediterranean seaside town is distinguished not only by its warm atmosphere but also by its numerous museums including that dedicated to the famous painter Pablo Picasso and its famous cathedral with modern architecture, the Sagrada Familia, wonderfully representing the architectural jewels of the region. Cultural and historical sites abound in other Spanish cities.

An important opening to the sea makes Spain a privileged tourist destination.The atmosphere of Ibiza is particularly famous in Spain for the jet set, also has an unspoiled area, far from the tourist spots, with beautiful natural landscapes classified World Heritage of Humanity, wild creeks very little frequented and small authentic villages.

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