The mere mention of a trip to Thailand immediately makes one think of escapes between tradition and idleness.
Thailand is a wonderful blend of culture and modernity, giving you new experiences to live and relive!
Thailand is known throughout the world for its glitzy royal palaces and Buddhist temples.
The capital Bangkok, this great city marvelously combines tradition and modernity. Some districts are invaded by glass towers with very contemporary architecture and aerial metros.

Thailand is also an ideal destination for resort stays. The country of Southeast Asia has many paradisiacal beaches of fine sand, bordered by crystalline waters. Pattaya is Thailand's best-known seaside resort on a global scale. Very touristy, the city has many shops, malls, and restaurants. Fans of lively parties from all over the world meet regularly in the cabarets and nightclubs of Pattaya. 

In a more prestigious register and far from the touristy atmosphere of Pattaya, Hua Hin is the summer resort destination of the local bourgeois population and the Thai royal family. In addition to the exotic beaches, the country is also appreciated by travelers for its famous traditional relaxation massage.

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