What better dream to end up two that a paradise island and almost deserted? In an idyllic atmosphere, embark for the Maldives for a romantic holiday based on sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, relaxation sessions in luxurious spas and candlelit dinners feet in the warm sand.
Upon your arrival in the Maldives you will be seized by the omnipresence of the water.
The Maldives occupy one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, shades of blue suitable for the change of scenery and healing .. Here, turquoise water and translucent around 28 ° C all year round
If you dream of diving in the Indian Ocean, again the Maldives will not let you down. Time for a scuba diving session or snorkelling with a mask and a snorkel, discover a world of colors and make unusual encounters. Swim among clownfish, tuna, barracudas, rays, sharks and turtles against the backdrop of flamboyant coral gardens.
the stay on stilts.
The Maldives are the flagship destination for stilts. Many hotels in the archipelago offer traditional villas and bungalows directly on the lagoon. the experience of a heavenly trip to the other side of the world.
the feeling of the end of the world
Nowhere else can you feel this feeling of traveling to the other side of the planet. The Maldives alone are home to some of the most beautiful and rare treasures in the world

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