Miami Vacations

Welcome to Miami!
Our Avazzonia Agency, is based in Miami, our experts will advise you to make your trip an unforgettable experience!
Sea, Sun, and Fun in the Sunshine State, gorgeous beaches and the famous Miami Beach vibe, experience the beauty of South Beach's vibrant nightlife, and Miami Beach's Art Deco district which is one of the most trendy places in the USA. It's here, especially on Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road and Espanola Way that you can have a drink in the trendy bars.
In Miami, the first language spoken is actually Spanish and salsa resonates on every street corner.
During your stay, take a tour in the center to discover contemporary art and the geniuses of Street Art.
Shopping lovers will not be disappointed. See you in the old neighborhood of Coconut Grove and Bayside, a huge shopping center on the water.
Finally, do not miss the discovery of the Everglades Park to meet crocodiles, time for an excursion, or a cruise to the Bahamas.
Do not miss the Key West Islands!
Riding over the ocean is a unique experience. You will admire one of Florida's most spectacular scenery. You will literally roll over the ocean and among a narrow chain of islands and bridges, including the famous 11-kilometer (7miles) bridge. These bridges connect the 34 islands that make up the Florida Keys.
Beaches as far as the eye can see, islands that never end and especially a place of predilection for idleness, the Key West Islands are indisputably the place where you have to go for a day.

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