Puerto Vallarta

Is a very busy seaside resort on the Pacific coast. Its beautiful beaches, pleasant climate, vibrant nightlife and a wide range of water sports. The Puerto Vallarta resort stretches for more than 40 km on the bay. The old town, Viejo Vallarta, retains all the charm of a Mexican village. On the river that divides the city into two parts, Isla Rio Cuale houses a botanical garden, cafes and a multitude of shops. The Zona Hotelera is a hotel sector that extends north to the port. The Marina Vallarta, the largest in Mexico, offers luxury hotels and many shops. Next door is Nuevo Vallarta, the newest resort in the bay. The southern curve of the bay begins with Playa de los Muertos. Beyond, there are beaches and exotic coves, paradises formswimming and diving, are only accessible by boat. In the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta, small villages, canyons and forests are the ideal setting for small excursions. Finally, Las Marietas, Corbetena and El Morro are famous dive sites located.

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